We are ending 2017 big with *TWO* SMP group shoots!  Yes, these will be the final shooting events of 2017:

SMP 29 on August 12 2017 at Blindspot Studio, Detroit – We are returning to the beautiful 7200 sqft studio for a special Dirty Show weekend event! As before, this one is limited to 20 photograpers (who must prepay to be listed) and 30 models (who can sign up anytime). There are plenty of rooms, areas and sets to shoot in to get a variety of looks, as well as plenty of natural lighting. For details and to sign up, visit:  http://www.smpcollective.com/smp29/

SMP 30 on September 9 2017 at Leland Hotel, Detroit – This is the big event as usual and back at the massive Leland Hotel! As always, there are no limits on photographers or models here as there is plenty of space and shooting areas (many dilapidated) for everyone. For details and to sign up, visit:  http://www.smpcollective.com/smp30/

If you are unfamiliar with either of the venues, you can view photos of each here.