SPECIAL NOTICE: This is a special event with different procedures and limits than previous events.  Due to the smaller size of this particular venue, this event will be limited to 15 photographers and 2 MUAs.  Also, all photographers must prepay (after signing up) before being able to schedule or be listed in the participation list below.

WHAT: The Society of Models and Photographers (SMP) is a unique network of models, photographers and makeup artists dedicated solely to the creation of fine art photography in all formats, genres and styles. This includes, but is not limited to, fashion, pinup, experimental, art nudes, lingerie and fetish. The format of the events is of the trade (TF) variety usually in one hour intervals pre-scheduled by the models and photographers prior to the event.  This event is 18+.

WHEN: There is one day available for shooting…Saturday June 29th from noon to 8pm.  You can shoot as little or as much as you desire on that day, however you must sign up prior to the event in order to attend or schedule with others.  (Note: The sign up period ends at 12 noon EST on the Sunday before the event)  

WHERE: For SMP 35, the location is at a fully-furnished private home in the East English Village area of Detroit, near Mack and Cadeuix and just outside Grosse Pointe.  The exact address is withheld until the week before the event and will be sent to all who have officially signed up for the event.  There will be multiple rooms and floors, as well as a large backyard that will be closed to the general public.   Click here to view photographs and layouts of these areas.

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PLEASE NOTE: For those with pet allergies, there is a cat in the house and his name is Marmalade (last photo).  Also, everyone will be asked to remove their outside shoes when entering the house so bring slippers or wear nice socks.  Modeling shoes are fine during the shoots, but no walking around in them.  Thanks.

MODELS:  The prepay fees for models is $20 and any fees not prepaid will be an additional $5 at the door.  The prepay link will be listed in your signup confirmation email, which is sent after you sign up.  (Note: The prepay period ends at 12 noon EST on the Wednesday before the event)

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Due to the space limitations of this special event, only 15 photographers will be allowed to sign up and all photographers must prepay after signing up to be listed for scheduling with models.  The prepay fees are $50 for returning SMP photographers in good standing and $75 for new photographers who have never attended a past SMP event as a model or photographer.  The prepay link will be listed in your signup confirmation email, which is sent after you sign up.

MUAS: Due to the space limitations of this special event, only 2 MUAs will be allowed to sign up.  There are no fees for makeup artists who agree not to charge kit fees for this event.  However, you will still need to sign up in order to schedule and participate.

ASSISTANTS: Unfortunately due to the space limitations, no assistants will be allowed.  If you have an assistant or driver to help you bring your equipment and/or bags, they may bring your items to the porch but will not be allowed inside.

SECURITY: Floor monitors will be patrolling the various areas of the event venue to ensure the overall security and peace while keeping the public away from your creativity. They will also be strict in upholding the SMP Rules for your safety and the greater good of all participants so please be courteous and listen to what they may say. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, always bring it to their attention so they may help.

FORUMS: Once you are signed up, you may use the discussion board at the bottom of this page to announce your attendance to other participants and state what you are looking for.  You may also use this group to find ride/room sharers and generally communicate with others before and after the event.  You may also join the SMP Facebook Group to do the same.  For SMP specific questions, please contact us instead.

New to SMP events? Please make sure you read the FAQs. We’ve tried to answer a lot of the questions you may have about our events there.

Also, please make sure you have read the Rules before signing up.


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(WW=Website, FB=Facebook, Bolded=Prepaid, Strikeout=Cancelled)


(The most recent signups are on top)

Cece Barnes Ask Looking to build and collaborate with photogs and models.
Jer Ask love to be creative with photographers
Jade Aurora Yes I would like to shoot some artistic nudes, as well as a boudoir cosplay shoot
Misty Rose Fields No I am looking for budior, Pinup, noir, fantasy Photoshoots.
Senor El Meow Meow Yes lets get weird! or classy, classy is fine.
Vivian No
Shakti lLove (Annette) Ask
Naughtynikkib Yes I am into most concepts, and I'd like to get content for my patreon!
Nikki Love Ask
McKenzie Beatrice Ask Content to build my portfolio
Sikora Yes I would like to get some new, creative photos....Nudes, glamour, lingerie, fashion
em Ask
alwayssmiling44 Ask
vagamundo Ask I would love to shoot steampunk, fashion and maybe some nude, implied nude
Stacey Jayne No Alternative, Boudoir, Cosplay, implied, pinup, fashion
Plump Cosplay Ask Looking to shoot boudoir and themed cosplay shoot.
Kyleigh No Looking to collaborate with unique and creative ideas. Open to suggestions from photographers.
Dekilah Yes Shooting trade for Patreon content in various styles.

Total: 13 Models (+0 waiting approval)


(The most recent signups are on top)

E-Lo Pro-Amateur Photography Ask Looking to add on my portfolio. looking to do Vintage fashion, Glamour, Cosplay, and implied.
Michael M Ask I enjoy creating fine art portraiture. Glad to shoot your request. Cosplay & costumes are awesome.
Wondrous Moments Yes Open to most ideas
Gavin Beckford Yes I'm interested in building my portfolio of boudoir/lingerie, nudes, and implied nudes.
f11photo Yes Nudes, Lingerie, Erotica
Christopher Moeller Yes Boudoir, art nude, implied nude, creative collaborations
Jalexa Photography Ask conceptual, fashion, vintage, themed portraits
Lord Blasto Ask
Jim Hardwick Photography Yes Lifestyle, lingerie, art nude, maybe a fairy or goth. Just ask.
Clever9Design Yes Vintage fashion, glam, art nudes
DVS Yes Private Shoot Only

Total: 11 Photographers (+0 waiting approval)


(The most recent signups are on top)

Raquel Cohen No

Total: 0 MUAs / Stylists (+0 waiting approval)


alwayssmiling44 Model
Baroque Photographer
Kyleigh Model
Nikki Love Model
Raquel Cohen MUA
Rasphoto1 Photographer
Shakti lLove (Annette) Model
stevem Photographer
Vivian Model


Need to edit your info? Click here to retrieve your personal link. Need to cancel? Contact us to let us know.


Feel free to use this commenting section to announce your open timeslots, what you are looking for, find rides and anything else related to this event.  You may log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts or create a Disqus profile with your email address.  If you have any SMP specific questions, please contact us instead.