What is SMP?
SMP is the Society of Models & Photographers.  SMP hosts 3 to 4 private and secure working events a year dedicated solely to the creation of photographic portfolios and art.  The format is trade-only (TF) and one-on-one sessions in one hour intervals pre-scheduled by the models and photographers prior to the event.

Who can attend SMP events?
Photographers, models, MUAs, and stylists 18+, from amateur to professional, are welcome.  All personal preferences of photography and modeling genres are also welcome including, but not limited to, glamour, pin-up, fashion, alternative, fetish, and artistic nudes.  However, everyone will be screened/vetted prior to the event to ensure the security and privacy within a professional and productive environment.

I don’t prefer certain genres of work, is that a problem?
Not at all.  Your limits and preferences are always of high importance and enforced by the SMP Rules.  Just be sure to make your limits clear to those you plan to work with.  No one is allowed to pressure anyone to do anything outside of their limits.  If anyone does, contact us privately and we will take appropriate action on your behalf.   However, if you DO wish to explore something beyond your normal genres, SMP is a safe, secure and welcoming place to explore further artistic potentials (as long as they fall within the SMP Rules).

How do I sign up for an SMP event?
First, click on the event you are interested in (they are linked on the main information page) to review the dates and specific information for that event.  If you are able to attend, click the “sign up” link on that page (or top menu), fill out your information and submit.  Within 8 hours (often 2 or 3), we will review your information and once approved, it will show up on the Participation List on that event page.

How do I schedule with others?
Once you are on the event participation list, you may contact others on that list that interest you to see if they have any open availability.  As simple message of “Hello, do you have any open timeslots available?” will suffice.  You may also be contacted by others on the list asking the same.  Other options are to introduce yourself and post your availability in the Discussion Board at the bottom of the event page and/or in the SMP Facebook Group.  However, we strongly suggest to start scheduling with others as soon as possible as many fill up their schedules early in the signup period.

Does SMP schedule shoot for me?
No.  Everyone is responsible for creating and managing their own schedules prior to the event.  We also do not know the schedules of others attending.

Do I have to shoot all day?
No. You may schedule as many or as few shoots as you like within the event hours listed.  It is often suggested, particularly to those new to this type of event, to schedule every other hour. Whatever your schedule is, make sure to allow time for breaks and to eat.

Can I bring my own model/photographer/MUA/stylist?
Yes, but they must also sign up and be listed on the participation list for that event.

What if I only want to attend the event to work with one specific person?
Contact us before signing up for the event and we can set your contact links as “private” so others cannot contact you for scheduling.  However, you will still be listed as attending on the list.  This option is perfect for those interested only in utilizing the venue and/or bringing their own model or photographer.

Can I bring an assistant?
Depending on the event, yes (some events have space limitations so check the event page first).  If allowed, assistants must be actually assisting you in some way, even if only carrying your bags.  And, as per the rules, they must NOT wander away from your shooting locations and may NOT act as model, photographer, MUA or stylist.  If they attempt to do any of these, they will either be required to pay the respective participation fee or be asked to leave.  Also note that there is an attendance fee for your assistant (see event page for details).

Am I allowed to charge my own rates or fees?
No. SMP is a trade-only event and no one is allowed to charge any fees to work with them in regards to the SMP event, prior to or afterward.

Why is there a registration fee to attend SMP events?
We seek out and legally rent the variety of private locations for their unique ambiances to create our art within. We also secure each event through the screening of each participant for professional integrity and provide a team of floor monitors to ensure mutual respect and privacy.

Can I just come to watch and learn?
No. SMP events are exclusively for those participating and this is part of how we keep our events safe, secure, and productive.

How do I reserve rooms for my shoots?
Only photographers are allowed to reserve rooms that are indicated on the layout maps as reservable.  On the day of the event, there will be reservation sheets outside each of the reservable rooms.  After checking in, photographers are then allowed to enter the shooting areas to write their name on the reservation sheets in non-consecutive hours.

What happens to the photos after an SMP event?
According to the rules, all photographers must provide at least one (1) web-size version of the shoot for each model and make-up artist for free use in their respective portfolios. The time frame for sending photos is 2 months or before signing up for the next event (whichever comes first). Photographers who do no provide this within this time frame may be blocked from attending future events.  Anything else (further quantities, formats, delivery methods, etc) are up to the respective parties to decide on.

I need to cancel an event I signed up for. What do I do?
First, contact us ASAP to let us know so we can remove your name from the participation list.  Then contact everyone you have scheduled with to let them know you are no longer attending so they may find others to work with.  Failure to do either of these steps may result in being banned from future SMP events.

I received a cancellation, what do I do now?
If there is still time left before the event, you may post in the SMP Facebook Group to find someone else to schedule with or start contacting others on the participation list.  In the event of a last minute cancellation, we also have sheets at the event where anyone can list times they have available. 

I saw someone doing something they are not supposed to at an event. Should I tell someone?
Yes, please let one of the monitors or admins know as soon as possible if you see someone shooting in an area they are not supposed to, pushing someone’s limits, or disrespecting the venue. SMP events are only successful if everyone follows the rules. Anything you tell us will be kept anonymous. Any situation reported to us will be looked into and handled according to our rules.

What if someone is pushing me to get me to shoot something I’m not comfortable with even after I say no?
It is your decision on what you wish to shoot and if anyone tries to push you into something you don’t want, please tell a monitor or admin right away. It is much easier for us to handle these situations when they happen. Any situation reported to us will be looked into and handled according to our rules.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.  We are here to help.