1. You must be 18+ to attend SMP events.

2. You must sign up to an event yourself.  You cannot sign up others, unless they are physically unable to do so themselves.

3. SIGN UP – You must sign up for the event you wish to attend before you begin scheduling. To sign up, click the signup link on the event page for the current event.

4. SCHEDULING – Do not schedule with anyone who is not on the attending list for that event which is located at the bottom of the event page. If someone contacts you to shoot at a SMP event and is not on the attending list, kindly ask them to sign up before scheduling.

5. RATES/CHARGING – Individual participant charging of rates & fees is not allowed at SMP events. We all pay to be here and to use the shooting areas.

6. PERSONAL LIMITS – Be respectful of everyone’s personal limits and discuss any relevant limits before you start shooting. Anyone trying to push someone past their limits will be removed from the event and banned from SMP.

7. PHOTOGRAPHS – Photographers must provide at least one (1) web-size version of the shoot for each model and make-up artist for free use in their respective portfolios. The time frame for sending photos is 2 months or before signing up for the next event (whichever comes first). Photographers who do no provide this within this time frame may be blocked from attending future events.

8. CANCELLATIONS – If you are signed up and can no longer attend the event, you MUST contact us to let us know so we can remove your name from the participation list, then contact anyone you scheduled with so they can find others to work with.  Failure to do so will result in being banned from future SMP events.  Cancellations are accepted without question up to 48 hours before the event.  Any cancellations afterward will be reviewed for possible banning, dependent on the reason given.

9. SMP BANS – If you have received a message from us stating that you have been banned due to failure in properly cancelling an event, you are welcome to contact us to request a review to remove the ban.  We will then privately contact those who were affected by your unexcused absence and it will be up to them on whether we remove the ban or not.


1. SECURITY – SMP monitors will be patrolling the various areas of the SMP event venue to ensure your safety and smooth operation of the event. Monitors are also rule enforcers so please be courteous and pay attention to what they say.

2. SAFETY FIRST – Do not place yourself or anyone else in any dangerous situation. This includes leaning over or climbing onto stair rails or ledges, and climbing onto shelves and counters. Do not go into any area that is marked off with caution tape, padlocked, or otherwise blocked.

3. VENUE RESPECT – Please respect the venue we have booked. Do not move anything other than small furniture and chairs without asking a monitor first and leave things the way you found them after shooting. Clean up any messes you made, pick up your trash, and take everything you brought with you. Do not venture into areas that have not been outlined in the venue map as open for shooting. If you are unsure about an area, please ask at the admissions table before shooting there.

4. RESPECT – Be respectful of others and do not loiter around or watch other people’s shoots. If you bring your own music, please keep the volume to a low level. Do not shoot candids, photos of other people’s shoots, or models while they are changing.

5. SHOOTING TIME – Do not shoot past your scheduled time and into someone else’s time slot. Try to end your shoots 5 minutes early to allow everyone time to get to their next shoot.

6. CAMPING – Photographers may not shoot in the same spot for more than one consecutive hour with the exception of camping areas they have signed up for.

7. NUDITY/BONDAGE/SEXUAL CONTENT – While nudity and bondage are allowed at SMP events, there is to be no nudity or heavy bondage in any areas other than those marked appropriate for nudity on the provided venue maps. No sex, “toy” insertion, or real “play” (including flogging, spanking, etc) is permitted at SMP events.

8. SUSPENSION – Do not suspend off of any part of the venue. If you wish to do suspension, please bring your own suspension rig.

9. WEAPONS – Real firearms, knives, swords, and other weaponry are not permitted at SMP events. Props may be allowed, but must be cleared with admin prior to the event and checked in at the front desk on the day of the event.

10. BELONGINGS – We are not responsible for any items at SMP. Please keep all valuables with you at all times.

11. WRISTBANDS – You must wear your SMP wristband or have it on an item with you at all times while inside the SMP areas. If you leave SMP areas, you will not be permitted back inside without your wristband.

12. BARE FEET – No walking around in bare feet. Please only have bare feet if required for your shoot and do not remove your shoes until after you have checked the area for any sharp or otherwise dangerous objects.

13. ALCOHOL/SMOKING/DRUGS – No alcohol, smoking, or drug usage is permitted. If there is a bar at the venue, alcohol may only be purchased and consumed at the bar. Smoking must be done in smoking areas outside and well away from the door.